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About Us
The company Melben Seafood was founded By Mr. Melvin Soon (Picture) in 1979. Operating a small seafood stall in an alexander area. It soon expanded to Melben Seafood Catering Service. And in 1985, Melvin set up his 1st outlet at Pasir Ris.(Still in operation). Follow by Mellben AMK, TPY. Mellben seafood now is a family run business and we have 8 outlets( Including uncle leong’s Seafood) throughout Singapore. You may recognize us by our Mandarin name 龙海鲜螃蟹王.

Singapore raves over MELLBEN's heavenly crab dishes! It needs no further introduction. Renowned for our Claypot Crab Beehoon, Chili Crab, Golden Sand Crab, many food lovers have braved storm to queue up at our heartland outlet for a taste of our crab dishes.

We have more than 25 years’ experience in the crab food business. And only at our Opal and Pasir Ris Branch you will be able to get the taste of our LAKSA Crab Beehoon. Combining a local delight with our juicy Crab. A dish not to be missed!! Come to MELBEN Seafood(Mellben Legend Seafood) at 9 Opal crescent, the only place where you will find our Founder Mr. Melvin Soon. Call us for reservation now!

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